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Brave New Outpost


If you would like to request corporate training or keynote speaking services, visit Brave New Outpost’s site to get in contact!

For over 20+ years, John Sweeney, Jenni Lilledahl, Margi Simmons and the team have been harnessing transformational laughter to help professionals activate their best, most innovative, and most resilient mindset.  We’ve been a part of thousands of events in partnership with hundreds of corporations and organizations, and we live and breathe culture and strategy activation.  And, bonus, we’re FUN and FUNNY and our work is always filled with LAUGHTER and CONNECTION.   Nowadays we’re adept to deliver live-in-person OR live-virtual (…we promise that our work will be the most fun you’ll ever have on Zoom Meetings for a while!)

Please reach out for more info about Keynote Speaking, Training, Customized Workshops, Leadership Development, Master of Ceremonies and more.   

The Brave New Outpost works with leading teams from 130 of the Fortune 500 and tackles topics such as innovation, change management, agile culture, sales, marketing, customer service, belonging/inclusion and more through the lens of mindset and behaviors.

We stand for laughter, authenticity, empathy, more and better ideas, collaboration and progress, less fear, more resilience, getting comfortable being uncomfortable, and embracing change as fuel!

 ….pssst… dying to know why we’re called an Outpost??  We love an outpost because it’s a previously uninhabited, where people establish a new community and embark on a courageous journey that’s beyond the known path or boundaries. Our job is to be the infallible, intrepid, and joyful guide to help people discover a new path. We also provide you with the maps, tools and supplies that you will need on your journey. Our Outpost is about creating a culture and community where people can gather support and connect as we take on the “new normal” together!

3,500+ Events. 20 Years. 1 Mission: Less Fear, More Discovery.