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Option 1: You have enough friends, and you don’t want to talk to us.

Hey, we get it! You just want to book your tickets, get your discount and not turn this into a “whole big thing.” Totally cool.

You can get 15% off your group of 8 or more, and you don’t even need to talk to a person! Simply select your show to buy tickets now, or keep reading for more discounts and ideas.

May 31 – August 3, 2024

smiling man in a crowd

Option 2: You’re really popular, and you want to save even more.

Look at you! Because you have a group of 20 or more, you are the Costco of friendship, and that means deep discounts.

You can save 20% by contacting us to complete your purchase. Let us make sure you get everything you can out of your event!

Option 3: You’re a little extra, and tickets just aren’t enough.

Putting together an event that requires customized entertainment, renting space at the theatre, catering or drinks for your party, or something so off-the-beaten-path you have to whisper it in confidence? Intriguing. You have our attention. Let’s make this happen!

You can use the contact form linked below or call us at (612) 332-6620.

smiling woman in a theatre